Each box contains 10 sachets per 1g. Each sachet of 1 gram is for 1l. milk.


Content of the starter: lyophilized rose leaf, synbiotic fragile with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermofilus, isolated from the Bulgarian nature and specially selected for homemade yoghurt preparation.

Does not contain genetically manipulated organisms and preservatives.

How to prepare?

  • Boil 1l of fresh milk if bought directly from stock and cool to 43-45 ° C. If the milk is pre-pasteurized, it only warms up to 43-45 ° C;
  • Add a sachet (1g) and stir for 3-4 minutes - during this time the bacteria are evenly distributed in the mixture.
  • Pour the milk into a jar of the jaguar, close, turn on the machine for 8 hours, and wait until your working position is over; during this period the machine maintains the temperature of 42-43 ° C required for proper fermentation process;
  • Leave the milk to cool in the refrigerator to 8-10 ° C for about 6-7 hours.

There is a big difference between prepared with probiotic starters and buying in a shop!


Enjoy the pride of your milk. Surprise friends and family with something new and healthy:

  • It can be consumed in pure form or, optionally, according to the season, cut fruits, cut pasta and other nuts, muesli, honey, sugar - for breakfast or dessert;
  • To maintain a slim figure, dinner can be replaced with a yogurt portion; when regular yoghurt is used instead of dinner, permanent weight loss is noted.
  • Yoghurt mixed with water and a little salt is a wonderful drink to quench your thirst and appetite, especially in the hot days;
  • Yoghurt offers good opportunities for quick cooking of light meals to diversify the kitchen.

Starter Cultures with rose for Domestic Use